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Carl Zeiss Drive Safe

The lenses for more relaxed driving

What are Drive Safe lenses?
Driving – many people absolutely love it, but for most of us, it is a necessity that provides us with a high degree of independence. However, studies have shown that many people feel insecure, tense and stressed when driving – particularly in poor visibility: in the rain, in foggy or misty conditions, and at dawn or dusk. When driving, good visibility is an absolute must for safety and accident prevention. If visibility is poor, we get tired more quickly and react more slowly. But what do drivers really need to provide them with good vision? What requirements do driving spectacles need to meet these days? ZEISS has examined this subject in great detail.
DuraVision® DriveSafe Coating by ZEISS.
In DriveSafe, ZEISS has used a special new coating to take into account the many different situations during driving when our eyes are confronted with glare. This offers the same hardness and cleaning properties as DuraVision® Premium coatings, but features a different kind of anti-reflective coating. The DuraVision DriveSafe coating has been specially developed to reflect certain wavelengths between 400 and 450 nm which are part of the blue light spectrum and are emitted in particular by xenon and LED light sources. The result: an up to 64% reduction in glare compared to a classic Premium coating from ZEISS.
Luminance Design® Technology by ZEISS.
ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses feature an optimised spectacle lens design that takes into account the size of our pupils in poor light. There is one design for single vision lenses, and one for progressives. The result: more relaxed and better vision when driving in poor light.
ZEISS DriveSafe lens design for progressives
ZEISS offers a special design to make driving with progressive lenses more comfortable and safer. The optimised vision zones make it easier for the eyes to refocus when moving between the road ahead and the dashboard and the rear view or side mirrors. Horizontal movements of the head are reduced. At the same time, the near zone is designed so that your spectacles can be worn all day long – also for reading.