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1 March 2017
 March 1, 2017


TD Tom Davies is a prestigious handmade eyewear brand offering a bespoke service on all the frames in the collections. The bespoke consultation starts with getting to know the customer. We then take a series of precise measurements and photographs, which are sent to the TD design studio where the eyewear is designed and then submitted to be made in the TD workshop.

Tom Davies produce all of their frames by hand, so every step of the process is meticulously controlled. Each frame takes between 16 and 22 hours of close, detailed work by their master craftsmen. This ensures flawless quality and the highest level of craftsmanship. Finally, all Bespoke frames are finished with the name of our customer engraved discreetly on the inside of the temple arm.

Call us for consultation to view these fantastic frames.

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