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How can we be more environmentally friendly?

  • by: Mark
  • November 28, 2018

How we can be more environmentally friendly day to day in our opticians?

We are great believers in helping to reduce waste and seeing David Attenborough’s Blue Planet has certainly re-enforced how devastating the impact is.

What can we do as Opticians to help?

To start we take in all old specs to send off to Vision Aid Overseas. The charity collects used specs to help fund Eye Camps in third world countries and will make 3p from every pair donated. They no longer just freight out the old broken specs as this has a large carbon foot print because of the air cargo. Instead they sort the specs for scrap metal and up-cycle ones that are iconic styles. Remaining plastics are then recycled where possible.

What about daily wear contact lenses?

Many people are feeling guilty about wearing daily contact lenses because of the plastic pollution. Fear not! The majority of contact lens packaging from the plastic trays to foil covers can be recycled. Most importantly – the daily disposable contact lenses will soon be recyclable too! Manufacturers Johnson & Johnson are leading the way to embrace a collection system for daily contact lenses to be returned to local Opticians ( similar to the one Nespresso have in place for their coffee pods).
As a local Optician, Mark Jones Eye Care has been a paperless practice for over 10 years. And did you know while serving some of the best FREE coffee in town we make sure our coffee pods are recyclable ones. Our energy saving lighting has been in place for over 13 years and only one bulb has ever had to be replaced. We are ever aware of the need to reduce plastic waste and take the responsibility to find new ways to do this.
If you want to learn more or find out when you can start returning your used contact lenses give us a call on 01722 322 891 or email
Mark Jones Eye Care, looking after your eyes and the environment responsibly.