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Mark Jones Eye Care




Full Time/Part Time or Locum

If you are an inspiring optometrist who wants to be generously rewarded working in an extraordinary practice, then keep reading!

Let’s start with what we can offer you:

1.    Exceptional support staff to work with including full time qualified dispensing opticians.

2.    Very competitive salary + bonus.

3.    Specialist clinics such as Ortho-K, OCT, dry eye and myopia control.

4.    Unhurried 45-minute appointments.

5.    Emphasis on a high level of care.

6.    Free spectacles from our suppliers (unique pairs encouraged)

7.    Access to wonderful conferences from our business partners such as Zeiss and Optix.

8.    Spontaneous meals at our favourite restaurant.

9.    Work in a beautiful practice that has been here for over 100 years and has just benefited from a major refurbishment.


The people you’ll work with: We have trekkers, actors, musicians, cyclists, singers, antiquarians and runners. We have family people, happy people and outrageous people. You’ll find a friend here and are encouraged to bring your interests to the table.


The hiring process:

1.    You see this advert.

2.    It thrills you to know that such an amazing practice exists.

3.    You let us know you want to be part of this fabulous set up. (call, email, letter, carrier pigeon, owl?)

4.    We send you an invitation to come and meet our team and explore our practice.

5.    You tell everyone how wonderful your career has now become as a new member of the MJEC team.


Advice: Don’t be afraid of change. This is an incredible opportunity and the worst-case scenario is you come in to meet us, realize we are not as scary as we look, have a laugh with us over a curry. You may already be happy with your current job but we know you’ll be happier with us.