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Thaloz Duo Gel


Thealoz duo gel is a fluid gel for use on the surface of the eye during day time and night time. It is more viscous than the standard drops and works really well if you wake up at night with sticky, dry or uncomfortable eyes.

  •  Thealoz Duo Gel contains trehalose 3%, sodium hyaluronate 0.15% and carbomer 0.25% in a preservative free gel formulation
  •  Trehalose helps protect corneal cells from the osmotic stress of a dry eye environment, by regulating the movement of water across cell membranes,stabilising the lipid bilayer2 and preventing the denaturation of proteins under osmotic stress conditions3,4
  •  Trehalose enhances TFEB (Transcription factor EB) activity, a key regulator of autophagy.5,6 In this way, cell renewal is promoted and apoptosis and the associated inflammation is reduced.5
  •  Sodium hyaluronate adds moisture by retaining water to hydrate and lubricate the surface of the eye
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30 single unit doses of 0.4ml

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